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Earn more money with multiple formats, personalized and dynamic ads

High revenue share and flexible payments

Up to 85% revenue shares. Highest in the market!

Automated traffic optimization

Save time and improve efficiency with automated optimization.

Easy integrations and onboarding

From push notifications to full-screen ads, our ad placements are easy to implement.

Transparency and control

Admin panel to manage your spots and view your revenues in real-time.

Monetize every user

Monetize every single user and obtain a high eCPM to increase your earnings.

Multiple formats

From full-screen ads to push notifications, find the formats that suit your content best.

Brand protection

We filter out inappropriate content so that your pages are safe and your visitors are satisfied.

Dedicated support

Dedicated account managers to help you monetize your website the most optimum way.

Variety of payment methods

Choose your prefered payment method - Credit Card, PayPal, Wire Transfer, Paxum.

Ad formats

Push notifications

Push notifications are clickable messages sent to the desktop or mobile devices of users who have opted-in to receive browser notifications. This is the best format for those looking to monetize traffic and/or aggressively promote ads. High CTRs due to the user's prior consent. Large volumes and optimal prices are available on CPC basis. PUSH your revenue today.

Available in:

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Pop-under/ Onclick

Onclick ads provide massive reach. Full screen ads that show on an entire new tab upon clicking an object on the site providing high user engagement and top revenue. As ads, they appear automatically during your recipient’s browsing session and display the landing page you are advertising.This is a top revenue generator with 100% fill at all times.

Available in:

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In-Page Push

In-page push advertising offers a new user-friendly and highly-engaging way for advertisers to reach their audiences on any device. This new ad format looks like classic push notifications but doesn´t require subscription permissions and lets your ads appear alongside relevant organic website content (directly on publishers' websites), right where users can easily find them. In-page format is designed to target all OS, platforms, and browser types (including iOS).

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Advanced self-service advertising and monetization platform

  • Platform features for Advertisers

    • Easy, simple and quick account setup process.
    • Multi-format and targeting capabilities.
    • Verified traffic and customisable firewall checks.
    • Auto-optimization and full visibility of your statistics for extra optimizations.
    Launch and manage all your campaigns in one place. From branding offers to performance offers.
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  • Platform features for Publishers

    • Easy, simple and quick account setup process.
    • Full control of your tags and ad formats.
    • Flexibility and customization of templates/skins.
    • Visibility on all your statistics and revenue measurements.
    Maximize profit from your sites with tailor-made solutions or success proven templates.
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