Compliance guidelines

The integrity of our network is our number one priority, here under you find our set of guidelines for both traffic routing and product offers. We expect all partners to comply with them.

msales LTd, as a mobile performance network, works with premium traffic sources, routing users of mobile products or services for their monetization.

The next products and behaviours are permitted only with explicit approval of your msales LTd account manager and if they are correctly tagged. Our compliance team will constantly check the campaigns in our network, finding one of these cases without the proper tag will be considered an offense and the subsequent penalization will be applied:

The next behaviours are not permitted on our network under any circumstance. As one of our advertisers you declare and guarantee that your campaigns does not:

You agree to inform msales LTd promptly of all significant changes to the look and/or content of your campaign, ads and sites.

It is your responsibility to ensure that your campaign, including your ads, meet these Compliance Guidelines at all times. msales LTd has the right to check that you are compliant with this policy and apply the subsequent penalization at any point.